It’s December…kettlebell workout

Time to end off the year off STRONG.

Time to EARN IT.

One of the main staples of training we utilize within The Forged Athlete Gym is that of Kettlebell Training. 

Kettlebells are such a versatile tool that can be used for pretty much everything across the board.

Strength, Power, Conditioning…

You can get it all from one single tool.

With this, instead of just talking about how awesome kettlebells are, I figured I’d share my TOP 5 KB workouts from over the past few years.

There’s been a TON over the years so it was tough to pick out the top 5.

Here they go…
In no particular order we start off at #1 which is a KB Complex we cranked out in my gym a few months back.
This was deceptively HARD.
Here’s how it went down…
Every 90 Secs x 5 Total Rounds…7 x Double KB Sumo Deads
5 x Double KB Push Press
3 x Double KB Thruster
***Rest the remaining amount of time then repeat#2 KB WorkoutOne of the things I love most about KB’s is how you can easily get outside and train with them.

My next top training session had to be one from way back in 2010 when I cranked it out on the turf…

Another HUGE benefit that KB’s bring to the table is how you can pack em’ up and bring em’ with you to pretty much anywhere you go.I remember a few years back when I traveled down to Austin, TX for a seminar I attended at a buddy’s gym.The drive from Omaha to ATX was 26 hours (PUKE!).I made the hellish drive a bit better with a few stops to get outside and move around a little bit.

Of course, I brought my kettlebell ;)

I cranked out 4 different short workouts on that trip, 2 on the way down and then 2 on the way back up and all of them were nasty.

My favorite out of the 4 was this one…

#3 TOP Kettlebell Workout…

This was the first one I hit after about 5 hours on the road at a rest stop.

It felt great to get out of that damn car and open up the body a bit!   

One of the things we stress at The Forged Athlete is to TRAIN even when you’re traveling.

If it’s by car, you can easily bring a Kettlebell with you.

The #4 TOP Kettlebell workout was a nasty combination of double under’s plus a whole slew of Single Arm KB movements.

I loved this one…


And to end things out at #5, this kettlebell infused workout I did right before the Superbowl a few years back…

The breakdown on that one went like this…E.M.O.T.M. x 15 Min (length of one quarter)
On the ODD Mins x 7 Rounds
a) 8 x Double KB Snatches
***Regress to 4 Single KB Snatches per arm if need be
b) 4 x Burpee Lateral Hop

On the EVEN Mins x 7 Rounds
a) 6 x KB Thrusters
b) 3 x Sit Outs / Side

ON the LAST Min:
a) AMRAP of Double KB Squat Clean Press (Just NASTY)

So, there you go!

My TOP 5 kettlebell workouts from the past few years.

Now, if you haven’t hit some of those up yet, feel free to steal them and crank em’ out.

Just make sure to let me know how you do and Go 110% H.A.M. ;)