Hey kids,

Boy it’s been a crazy weekend!

I just got back from Louisville, KY at Bootcamp, Bootcamp, where I met up with lots of other fitness pros that came from around the country and world.

I was stoked! I met up with a pal  Zach Even-Esh and met and made some more new pals likes Jason C Brown and Pamela MacElree, who are two of the most sought out kettlebell gurus in the country.    I also met some other really inspirational people as well!

Overall it was a great weekend but, I couldn’t just travel to Louisville and hang with a ton of the biggest boot camp owners and fitness pro’s in the world without repping The Forged Athlete!

On the last day of the seminar, TRX had a “40-40” challenge which is 40 atomic push ups with a min rest in between then immediately 40 reclined rows.  I was able to complete the task and win myself a brand spanking new TRX!  I’m thrilled!  It’s in the mail as I write this now!

The TRX in my opinion is one of the best pieces of equipment to train one to get strong as heck with simple “suspended” bodyweight exercises.  I also feel it’s one of the best ways to train your core to build a solid mid section as well.  The exercise options and difficulty levels you can bring yourself to with the TRX are endless.  Besides a good pair of Olympic rings, the TRX is by far, the best bodyweight training system out there.

Which reminds me to let you all in on some really cool info about what’s going to be taking place in a few months. The Forged Athlete will be holding TRX “Underground” Suspension Training Boot Camps.  These camps will rip you up, BIG TIME!   You’ll build crazy strength, power, loads of new muscle, and of course, help increase insane amounts of athletic ability.

In the mean time, check me out tearing up this “40-40” challenge.  I should’ve turned it into a “50-50” challenge.  Ha Ha!  Next time…

Get Forged Strong!

TRX 40-40 Challenge Forged Style