Today I want to talk about why you should never give up in life. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I run across that give up on situations that could possibly make them better. Lets look at the Nebraska vs Missouri game . I was

sitting at big T’s house thinking to myself how the hell were we going to win this game. Trav was sleeping and I was sweating.  As soon as the fourth quarter came around The big red started to play like I know they can. They came back  in the fourth to end up with a score of 27 to 12.  Awesome!

All three quarters Nebraska could have threw in the towel and decided to go home. The fact of the matter is, they didn’t and won. So how can you apply this game to your life? At the Forged Athlete we don’t just lift weights and

workout. We also build life skills, character and confidence. We want people to know that what you do at our gym directly relates to how you live your life on the outside of the gym. We have programs that are designed to improve

you as a person period. Imagine walking around with the highest confidence becasue you look and feel different then most people around you. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me! Just remember, when times are tough are you going to quit

like most or are you willing to rise to the top and make yourself heard. I’m going to leave with a short vid on some of the greatest plays of Nebraska Football.  So remember, always give your best effort and leave knowing that you gave it your all.  

Stay Forged Strong!


Never give up