What does success look like when you do what you’re told with 110% of your focus and effort?
Like this…
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We bring you this month’s WARRIOR of the MONTH: Rich Hazuka.
From day 1 this guy has been bought in 110% and his results have reflected his commitment.
We took some time to catch up with Rick and get his insights on some things…
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If you were to have a billboard put up that could say anything, what would it say and why?

I had a football coach who used to end every practice with “Get better every day” and “You are what you do when no one is watching”.  I think about those sayings all the time.  But, if I really wanted to put something up to help people, it would say “You can’t work your way out of a bad diet.”  Nutrition really is the key to everything.

What have you loved about Forged thus far?

I’m an introverted person and I’ve never worked out with a group before.  The Forged Fam is #1 by a huge margin.

What do you do to stay so consistent with the gym and your training?

The accountability at Forged is the difference maker.  When you are surrounded by driven, successful people who do the right things every day, you can’t help but get better.

What does training mean to you besides all of the benefits of getting stronger, fitter, and leaner? What does it mean to YOU specifically? 

At Forged, “110 HAM” is not a slogan – its a lifestyle.  Improving my health and physical performance is a big deal for sure, but the huge improvements in mood, work performance, and focus have made me a better person all around.  

You’ve made some BIG strides inside Forged just within the last couple of weeks, can you share with us some of the success you’ve experienced?

We laid out some yearly goals when I signed up and have accomplished 3 of 4 already.  I’ve lost 48 lbs of body fat and gained 14 lbs of muscle so far.  My cardiovascular health is improving at a rapid pace.  The biggest change was the difference in my blood work from 6 months ago, my doctor took me off all my blood pressure medications and I avoided a cholesterol drug prescription as of last month.

Everyone’s 1st day inside Forged is a bit “interesting”… Can you share with us YOUR experience from your first day within Forged?

I’ll never forget it.  I knew I was out of shape, but on the first day I didn’t even complete the warm up and left.  I kept coming in and graduated on schedule.  I can’t thank Coach Tony enough for how he approached that and kept me going ahead.

What gets you PSYCHED up the most? What drives you and gets you going?

The little victories achieved with the Forged Fam, not just my own.  I can’t say enough about it and I definitely don’t want to let anyone down.  One of the girls did her first wall walk today and the whole place went nuts – how can you not be psyched up?

Up till now, what has your FAVORITE most memorable moment been inside the gym thus far?

Being voted rookie of the year for the Team HAM Open.  I was nervous going into the event being new and I met a lot of new people in a short time.  To get picked out of a group of very deserving people meant a great deal to me that I still get broken up about it.  It proves that what you do matters and has motivated me to push even harder.

Some quick hitters…

Favorite Movie Character and Why?

Al Pacino, “The Godfather Part II” is the greatest movie of all time and he is why.

Favorite song that you’d want on to help you hit a 1 rep max?

“Loose” by Primer 55, but normally I just listen to Hip Hop Nation.

Whats you FAVORITE cheat meal?

Anything at Maria’s, not a bad thing on the menu.

FINAL… If there was one piece of advice you could give someone else for more success whether that be in the gym, in life, business, whatever, what would that be?

I’ll go back to what I said at the beginning about nutrition.  I used to be in great shape.  I was a college athlete.  Once that was over I focused on my schooling and career and stopped taking care of my body.  I always thought I could push harder, stay up later, and survived on energy drinks and cigarettes.  Over 15 years I had achieved a lot of success in the workplace, but I was tired, moody, ate for stress, and drank even harder.  Then one day my doctor says my best decision would be to immediately go the emergency room.  I thought I was working hard and doing the right things, but at that moment I realized that life was still beating me.  

I’m a goal-oriented hard working person, how could that happen?  I wasn’t setting myself up for success.

How many times do we tell ourselves that “I’ll start taking care of myself as soon as ___ happens?”

How many of us thought that a few nights a week in the gym would make up for all the junk we eat?

I changed my diet and started taking better care of myself and lost 65 lbs before I came to Forged, but the Fuel coaching program has really changed everything.  Now I sleep better so I get to work earlier.  I’m in a better mood so I am a positive influence on my coworkers and customers.  I have greater focus so I get more done in less time, which lets me spend my hour a day at the gym.  Then, when I get home I don’t drop any stress on my wonderful, beautiful wife.  

If you never learn how to do a full snatch or touch a kettle bell in your life – learn how to eat.  


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