Wow, just WOW!

Congrats to Jen Epstein for being the Forged Athlete of the Month 💪🏻⚒👊🏻

She’s been SUPER CONSISTENT and RELENTLESS and the results SHOW.

Read up on what Jenn had to say about her experience in the gym thus far…

👉🏻 Why did you join Forged Athlete?

My youngest daughter was born 3 months early in July 2018. Afterwards I really struggled with feeling like my body had betrayed and failed both me and my baby. I’m extremely hard on myself so it was a hard pill to swallow knowing that my body wasn’t able to do something it’s supposed to do and something that’s it’s done before. I knew in order to try to work through those negative feelings that I needed to push myself and my body to do something I’d never done before.

I also didn’t lose any of the weight I’d gained while I was pregnant so I wasn’t happy with the way I looked either. Last May, I saw Coach Ashlee posted about an 8 week fuel challenge and I decided that was a good place to start. She encouraged me to join the gym as well. I’ve never been one to workout consistently so I was nervous and not sure what to expect but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

👉🏻 What’s your favorite part about training here?

The people! I’m a stay at home mom so I love being able to have adult interaction a few times a week. Everyone is so welcoming and encouraging, it’s such a great community. I also love that every time I step in the gym it’s an opportunity for me to challenge myself and get better!

👉🏻 What are the biggest WINS you’ve experienced thus far?

I’m really proud that I got my first strict pull up a couple months ago. I got my first kipping HSPU’s a couple weeks ago. I’ve also lost about 20 lbs since May and gained more muscle than I’ve ever had. But, as cheesy as it may sound, my biggest win is that I’ve learned to love and appreciate my body again. I’m proud of what my body can do and I look forward to continue pushing it harder and harder.

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