Glad everyone is out there trying to get strong. Everyday I try and think of different ways I can incorporate a different exercise to get that most wanted muscle.

I remember the days where three sets of 10 was the norm. I used to lift like this constantly because I didn’t know any better. I am here to say that over the years I have incorporated many different tools and lifts to get strong as hell and lift big weights.

It’s all about change and not letting your body get used to what you’re doing.  I now incorporate tools like sandbags, kettle bells, rope climbing, kegs, tires, prowlers and all odd objects are fare game.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?  The days of lifting on machines are over.  They don’t get you what you are looking for anyway so why use them.   Start working with free weights, sand bags, kettle bells, tires, ropes, and just heavy odd objects.

It’s give your body the shock you need to see new growth in size and strength!

Get Forged Strong!