Hey guys,

Hope you are having a great weekend! I just wanted to express all the gratitude and appreciation that I could possibly articulate for EVERYTHING the Forged Athlete has done for me!
As you know it has been a little over a year now, and I have been reflecting a lot on how much has changed for me physically, but mostly in my overall well being. When I look at my first pic taken the month I joined the gym, I don’t recognize that Caitlin. I see the me that was sleep deprived, managing a Starbucks and going through the motions of life. I hated people, I hated myself and I had given up. I was like a zombie, and felt that I couldn’t do anything right. My marriage was suffering, my friendships were dwindling and I did not feel that I was setting a good example for my daughter.
We had just went out one night for dinner to remember my dad. It had been 10 years since we lost him to heart disease. My grandma had said some things that night that hit me hard. Now, you have to understand my grandma is your typical  old school, tough as hell old lady, still works as a nurse and she is 87. She says what she feels and over the years I never took anything she said too serious.
That night, I randomly came across a Forged Athlete ad on Facebook, just like the ones I ignore everyday, but something stopped me, something told me “this is what you need.” I emailed Travis, I waited for the phone call, I was ready to do this! My husband thought it was just another one of my “diets” that would fail and was a little upset that I spent that kind of money. I was determined to prove him wrong!
The first Shred terrified me, we did assisted pull ups that first day, and I thought “what did I get myself into?” I don’t think I could even raise myself up an inch. But I stuck with it, I kept going because I didn’t want to get called out about it. I remember never being so sore in my life, but at the same time knowing I was pushing myself harder than I ever had. My 30th birthday was 2 months away and I was determined to look good for my birthday!
The rest is history, I pushed, I changed my lifestyle, I made AMAZING friendships with girls who understood and related to my struggles. I made a family! I participated in challenges and shocked the hell out of myself with what I am capable of. I proved so many doubting friends and family members wrong! My grandma tells me everyday how great I look! Also I am Strong! I am the girl co-workers come to when they need a jar opened or a box lifted. I am constantly getting “tickets to the gun show” jokes. But mostly I am just happy. My marriage is great, I have friends, and most importantly, Lucy can see her mom be strong! Even more important, I am going to be around for her and see her grow! I never want her to go through the pain of losing a parent too young. My brother passed away 4 years ago to heart disease as did my grandpa and uncle. I need to be aware of this and do what I can to stick around!
In no way is my journey over. I have to set more goals, and push it even harder. I have tasted success and am even more motivated! But I could not have done it without the Forged Athlete, I know because I tried everything and failed.
You guys as coaches play a huge role and take on a huge responsibility of trying to help each individual and try to make each person’s experience matter. That is almost impossible! You create an environment that makes us want it, and go above and beyond to meet our needs. I have made relationships in this gym that mean the world to me, and I love seeing the bonds made throughout the gym. I literally could not say Thank you enough.
I love looking at my before and after shot. It is so clear the night and day difference. I am stoked to have this and be proud of the changes made in my body, but now I see the biggest change is in the face. Says it all.
Thanks for the best year of my life!
PS – If you’re interested in training with us and want to find out more about starting up within the gym, check out these amazing opportunities…
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