What we do

In a nut shell, the Forged Athlete is a place where you stop “working out” and “exercises” and start training. The focus is to train HARD but in a very smart way.

Fitness to us means helping YOU become the best athlete you can be.  Competitive athlete or not, you ARE an athlete.  We’re ALL “human athletes”.   So, whether you’re running a half marathon, competing in the Crossfit Open, taking on an OCR or Spartan Race, or just simply trying to lean up, lose weight, so you can become the strongest “YOU” you can become…  It’s all good!

We provide the path to get you there with the training, nutrition, and accountability.  Fitness is not defined by a set of standards, but by the individual.  It’s all relative.  However, we believe everyone should have a basic baseline to work off of. We we will work toward providing everyone with that baseline level of fitness which will help you achieve your goals. In becoming part of our community, we will instill a greater awareness of not only the capacity of your body, but also your mental focus and overall toughness as a person.  Not just in the gym, but out of it as well.

The story of Forged goes way back to 2008 to when we first opened the doors.


Before The Forged Athlete had an actual physical location it was built within parks and high school football fields around Omaha. From there the Forged community started to grow and gain momentum.


What started off as a string of outdoor strength camps quickly moved into a 1000 sq ft garage gym space which is where the Forged Athlete officially took off.

Inside of the first location we started to grow and help athletes achieve success right off the bat.  Our unique methods and training programs worked well.  We started to gain recognition quite fast as we were actually featured on Bodybuilding.com as Gym of the Month in March of 2012!

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.01.17 AM

We continued to grow and stick to our MAIN principles…

Those principles being…

1 – TRAIN HARD, Push Your Limits, but Be SMART
2 – Commit to Being Consistent
3 – Adapt A NO EXCUSES Attitude
4 – Always Bring The POSITIVE Energy
6 – Have FUN and ENJOY The PROCESS


It’s been a long road and an amazing journey thus far…

It’s amazing when we look back at clips from way back in 2013!

This highlight video was taken at our 2nd location…

Since then, the Forged Community has grown even more to the point we had to move out of our 2nd location and into our 3rd home, Forged Athlete 3.0.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.20.54 AM

The Forged Athlete is a community of like minded people who are all focused in on bettering themselves through strength and fitness. Made up of younger athletes who compete in sports all the way up to adults in their late 50’s, everyone is here to push themselves to new limits both physically and mentally via progressively built strength and conditioning.

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