I remember I used to run a 4.38 40 and have a 38 inch vert.  Ok numbers for todays elite level athlete.

That was back in the playing days and years ago when I was in “combine” shape.  The way I got there?  Well genetics played a small role I’d have to say.  What really got me there was by doing everything explosively. 

If you want explosive speed, you have to train that way.  Yes absolute strength is great to have, but if you’re not explosive, you’re strength and overall speed isn’t as dangerous.  It’s the fast, quick, explosive burst of power that’s the true game changer.  Speed is just a plus when you’re explosive.     

Nothing can out do having explosive speed capabilities.  If you’re the most explosive player on the field, people are going to know.  It will be very apparent you is the fastest and most explosive.

Now we know we want explosive speed, but how do we get it?  Well, like I had mentioned above, I focused on doing everything as explosive as I could.  Whether it was pressing a weight over head or pulling a weight off the floor, I did it with as much explosion as possible. 

I love the Olympic lifts with a passion.  I’ve spent many years trying to perfect my form to get more explosion from these lifts.  While knowing how to do these lifts is great, for a beginner, learning and perfecting the form can take years.  If you need explosive speed now, you need to focus on other explosive activities, such as plyometrics.

Nothing will ever out do bodyweight plyometrics.  Jumping, skipping, bounding, single leg hops, and yes – lots of jump roping to name a few.  These help create raw explosiveness, speed  and just great overall athleticism.  Different jumps NEED to become a staple in your program ASAP! 

I always recommend doing these types of activities at the start of your workouts when you’re the freshest.  If you try to perform plyometric while you’re tired, you won’t be putting out maximum effort, so you will be training at subpar performances.  This will not get you more explosive, it will help gain work capacity, but not raw explosion. 

Just a few examples of what I used to do for plyometrics, at every workout, especially my lower body days, I would start the workouts by doing skips for height and skips for distance for sets 4 of 40 yards.  I also had access to a long jumping pit that was filled with sand.  I would do sets of 5-8 explosive squat jumps out of the sand before legs days as well.  This really increased my vertical jump and explosiveness due to the fact I was jumping out of sand.  Anytime you jump out of a soft surface, you’ll help increase your explosiveness. 

These are just a few examples of how I used to train and how I still train.  I think plyos are fun, that’s why I still do them.  When you have explosiveness, you just don’t ever want to lose it.  That’s why I train like an athlete still.  Once an athlete, always an athlete.

Enjoy this video of an example of some explosiveness.  Crazy shit!

jump out of pool

Stay Forged Strong!