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Top 5 “Gladiator” Conditioning Mehtods

Hey Kids, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what types of cardio are the best to use out there without having to run on a treadmill. Well,  what I’ve done is compile a list of my 5 top… Read more »

Brutal Workout Of The Week

Hey Kids, It’s been a while I know.  Things have been extremely busy at The Forged Athlete! Get ready for a great unvieling very soon.  Shit is about to blow up!  I’m telling you! I just want to throw this… Read more »

Forged Athlete MMA Style Circuit Training – Part 1

Hey everyone,  I just was watching the UFC 100 fights the other night and it really sparked my interest to write this post. I wanna talk MMA style circuit training.  It seems to be the next “big” craze, well I… Read more »