sandbag training

21 Day Lean, Mean, STRONG Challenge

Today marks the FIRST day of the 21 Day Lean, Mean, STRONG Transformation Challenge. Over the course of the next 3 weeks there will be some major transformations going on and we can’t wait to see the results. Not only… Read more »

Omaha NE – MMA Training at The Forged Athlete Gym

Oh Damn! These guys have been tearing their workouts up! These two MMA fighters are getting ready for their bouts within the next few weeks and are training diligently with FOCUS and DETERMINATION. It’s always said that, “Perfect practice makes… Read more »

Strength and Conditioning For NE Wrestlers and Military Personnel

Here is a hardcore strength and conditioning workout we had one of our wrestlers and military personnel go through the other day to work on their power and conditioning. These guys work RELENTLESSLY! We expect nothing less at The Forged… Read more »

The Forged Athlete Omaha – Bags, Bells, and A Rope

What’s going on! Hope you’re staying warm! It’s cold here in Nebraska but that WILL NOT keep us from training hard. There can be no excuses!  You must get stronger EVERYDAY.  You’re either getting stronger or weaker – you never… Read more »