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Strength and Conditioning For NE Wrestlers and Military Personnel

Here is a hardcore strength and conditioning workout we had one of our wrestlers and military personnel go through the other day to work on their power and conditioning. These guys work RELENTLESSLY! We expect nothing less at The Forged… Read more »

Build Strength, Muscle, and Athleticism With Power Combos – Part 1

Trying to build strength, power, and athleticism? At The Forged Athlete Gym in Omaha NE, we’re all about unconventional means to increasing performance and athletic ability! Try some of these power combos! [youtube][/youtube] This is just part 1! Stay tuned… Read more »

Omaha NE Football Training – Hostile Athletes

Wow! Sometimes we like to get a little crazy at the The Forged Athlete gym here in Omaha NE. Man, our guys were tearing it up as they went through the workout. Maybe it was the new paint job that… Read more »

The Forged Athlete – Omaha NE – We Train STRONG Athletes

Man did we have an awesome day of training today! Our beast, “the O show” hit the floor press heavy and also easily climbed his 285lb frame up and back down the rope. That is some serious strength building for… Read more »

Omaha NE – The Forged Athlete Gym – Hard Work Pays Off

Not everyone can be the most talented athlete on the field. Not everyone can be the fastest, strongest, or most genetically gifted. There are the athletes that are just born to be athletes and the ones that weren’t born to… Read more »

Sprinting for Speed, Power,and Athleticism – Part 2

What’s up! So in part one I broke down exactly why sprinting is something you must have apart of your training program in order to be faster, more power, strong, and athletic. There’s no other way around it!  Humans were… Read more »

Sprinting For Speed, Power, and Athleticism Part 1

What up people! Lets talk about running fast! Here’s part 1 of the 3 part series I will be writing ALL ABOUT SPRINTING. Part 2 and 3 will cover the meat and potatoes of sprinting while this first part is… Read more »

Omaha Personal Trainer – Sandbag Complex for Football Power and Strength

What’s up kids! The sandbag – simply BRUTAL! Take a sandbag and make a complex outta it = Even More BRUTAL!! There’s nothing easy about em! Especially when you’re doing a heavy set complex like sandbag cleans straight into sandbag… Read more »

Omaha Gym – The Forged Athlete – Zercher Carries + Sled = Brutal Combo

Yo kids! I had a lovely finish to my workout the other day.  At the end I was DONE! It was a finish to a workout that already involved 1 arm KB cleans to press and 1 arm bent rows. … Read more »

Omaha Gym – The Forged Athlete – Bennington High School Wrestlers Train w/ The Forged Athlete!

Hey dudes, We rolled by Bennington High School the other day and got in front of some eager wrestlers wanting to kick some major ace!  We took these boys through one of our general workouts.  It was a huge difference… Read more »