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Omaha NE Strength and Conditioning For MMA Fighters

There’s lots of different “skills” involved when it comes to training for an MMA fighter. To name a few, they have to practice kick boxing, Mai Thai, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and karate. That’s just a few! Many MMA fighters… Read more »

Build Strength, Muscle, and Athleticism With Power Combos – Part 1

Trying to build strength, power, and athleticism? At The Forged Athlete Gym in Omaha NE, we’re all about unconventional means to increasing performance and athletic ability! Try some of these power combos! [youtube][/youtube] This is just part 1! Stay tuned… Read more »

Omaha NE Football Training – Hostile Athletes

Wow! Sometimes we like to get a little crazy at the The Forged Athlete gym here in Omaha NE. Man, our guys were tearing it up as they went through the workout. Maybe it was the new paint job that… Read more »

Omaha Strength Gym – The Forged Athlete – Break Records…

Hey kids, I wanna talk about some serious stuff here. Breaking records. If you’re an athlete training for sport, you’re trying to get better everyday. If you’re not, why even compete? If you’re not an athlete but love to train,… Read more »

The Forged Athlete Gym – Omaha NE – PULL!

Hey what up! Hope everything is going strong for you with any and all adventures you may be embarking on. I’ve been really hammering the pulling movements hard in my workouts lately. One of my main objectives is to be… Read more »

Omaha Gym – The Forged Athlete – Brutal Kettlebell Complex

Yo dudes, The russian kettlebells.  Joe and I have been getting more and more into these bad boys! I can honestly say I never touched one until about a year ago.  Kettlebells have been getting more and more addicting as… Read more »