Forged Shred

Forged SHRED is our highly unique, fast-paced Kettlebell and Bodyweight ONLY training system. This is ideal for anyone who’s looking to shred off body fat, build strength, and lose weight within short, 30 min or LESS training sessions while using just Kettlebells and your own bodyweight. Like all of our programs, Forged SHRED is a progressively designed strength and conditioning program that will help athletes build athletic muscle, shred body fat, all while getting stronger and fitter overall.  New athletes are always taken through the correct progressions of movement before intensity is cranked up to ensure proper progress ahead.  SHRED sessions typically last 35-40  mins depending on the training plan for the day.  Everything is done within a small group training session where the atmosphere is super empowering and high energy.   To attend Forged SHRED, an athlete must sign up and join the SHRED Challenge first.

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