What up to all athletes and people who train hard. Anybody that has ever got under the bar knows that after a workout you can be fatigued and sore within hours after you workout. That’s why it is better for… Read more »

Getting pumped

Ok so I guess most people would call this weird, but this is what weightlifters do. They talk about how pumped up they get before they train. Tomorrow is going to be a high intense workout and that’s just the… Read more »

The Journey Begins

Joe and Myself have now become Certified Underground Strength Coaches.  It was an honor to become one among this elite group of other dedicated strength coaches.  Our style of training will reflect that of our own training styles and techniques… Read more »

5 Ways to Gain Muscle

This post is for the 5 best ways to gain muscle. These are tried and true ways to really add size and mass to your frame. Before we get into just how to add quality muscle onto your body, I… Read more »

Training environment

Recently I discovered how important it is to train in an environment where you can perform at your best. This does not just relate to the gym setting, but anywhere you go. It is very critical that if you want big… Read more »