You gotta stay…

In training and in life, if you want to achieve BIG THINGS, you’ve got to find a way to STAY HUNGRY. In order to stay HUNGRY, you’ve got to have GOALS.  I’m talking about GOALS that you’re constantly trying to… Read more »

Monday’s For MONSTERS

Monday’s are for MONSTERS Or at least at The Forged Athlete Gym they are. It’s Week #2 of the current phase which means athletes got their 2nd shot at Day #1. Records fell. Monday 4/7/13  RECAP: Strength / Power: Heavy… Read more »

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Pushing The Limits

When you step into the gym you have a few choices… 1 – Just go through the motions and be “Happy” you actually got yourself to the gym to workout OR… 2 – Make the most of it and PUSH… Read more »