11/13/13 – Training Day Layout 1 – SKILL OF THE DAY: Kipping / Butterfly Pull Ups ***ONLY if you’ve got STRICT pull ups ***Work Technique, Positioning ***Sets of 3-5 2 – MAIN STRENGTH / ASSISTANCE WORK 3 – DAILY BATTLE… Read more »

New Phase Begins!

A new phase has begun. Same FOCUSES = PROGRESSION, INTENSITY, and CONSISTENCY 11/11/13 – Training Day Layout 1 – SKILL OF THE DAY: Overhead Squats ***Work Technique, Positioning ***Build To A Heavy Set Of 3 2 – MAIN STRENGTH /… Read more »

21 Day Lean, Mean, STRONG Challenge

Today marks the FIRST day of the 21 Day Lean, Mean, STRONG Transformation Challenge. Over the course of the next 3 weeks there will be some major transformations going on and we can’t wait to see the results. Not only… Read more »

The Forged Games!

The 1st Annual “Forged Games” went down and it was a BLAST. 4 Events total ranging from a 400m ALL out Sprint to a Single Arm Thruster Ladder with DB’s…  Just BRUTAL Was very happy with the performances people put… Read more »