Feature Athlete

Rich’s Story

You’re NOT going to find too many other guys out there like Rich. He’s committed to change. He’s dedicated to the process. He’s made himself a PRIORITY. And not just himself, but the people around him too. Rich is everything… Read more »

Summer SHRED Finalist

6 Weeks ago we kicked off a quick little challenge within the gym. This challenge was NOT about a “quick fix” or seeing who could stick to a strict diet plan… Instead this challenge was about creating… NEW Lifestyle Habits… Read more »

Strong Mom Angie Phillips

Another POWERFUL Story about a… STRONG Mother STRONG Athlete Amazing Human Being FORGED STRONG Family Member Keep Going H.A.M. Angie! Want To Join Angie? Get Started By Clicking The Big Box Below To Find Out More About Our 4-Week Challenge…

Mikey’s Story

Take some time to watch Mike’s Story… Mike’s Story… Just one of MANY to share within The Forged Athlete gym. “It’s not just about a 400 lbs deadlift, but more so about getting strong for LIFE” If you’re interested in… Read more »