“The Board”

“The Board”.

Some people love it. Some people hate it.

One thing is true; It’s necessary for growth.

If you’re wondering what “The Board” is, it’s where our athletes post up their results after a workout. It was a hot topic at the gym this week.

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Why do we have our athletes do this?

There are several reasons. “The Board” increases accountability and gamifies workouts, but most importantly it motivates. It brings out the best in everyone.

There’s a form of symbolism in going up to “The Board” at the end of a workout, soaked in sweat and gasping for air, and writing down your score.

No matter what your score was, you EARNED it, and that’s pretty awesome.

Your score doesn’t define you and it’s not indicative of the effort you put in. As long as you gave it everything you had, you should be proud of that score.

“The Board” does bring about some good friendly competition among our members, and that’s a good thing too. If the person you’re always competing against has “487 reps” written on the board, you’ll do whatever it takes to get 488 reps. It enhances community and forces people to get uncomfy.

Ultimately the only competition that matters is the competition against yourself. As long as you can walk out of the gym knowing you gave it 110%, you can walk out with your head held high.


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