Forged Week in Review – 7/11 – 7/17

This past week was crazy for Forged. Crazy in an awesome way.

Two of our members, Mike and Shane, competed in the University of Okoboji Triathlon over the weekend. These guys trained their butts off for months leading up to the triathlon. They set a lofty goal, trained like hell to get ready for it, and saw it through to completion.

Their hard work paid off BIG time.

We’re proud of you fellas.

Their performance showed just how important it is to strength train, no matter what you’re training for. Having a solid baseline level of strength is a huge benefit when working towards physical goals, no matter what they are.

That’s the key focus of our programs at Forged: building useful strength. Whether you’re chasing around toddlers or completing triathlons, being strong is important.

We also wrapped up another Shred Challenge and the winner was Danielle Spicka!

Danielle embodies the 110% H.A.M. mindset in every way. She has a laser-like focus when it comes to improving herself in every realm. She’s in the gym at 5:30 every day during the week. She’s stayed consistent even through some major hardships in her personal life and has continued to motivate and inspire everyone who works and trains with her.

Congrats, Danielle! We’re extremely proud of everything you’re doing.

Most importantly, Coach Ashlee and her husband Chris welcomed their new baby girl Aria over the weekend. Ashlee coaches in our Shred program and is a huge asset to our gym. Congrats again Ashlee and Chris! We’re honored to have you both as a part of the gym.

We’ll give Aria six months to adjust, then we expect to see her deadlifting!


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