Sandbag Mile Recap and More…

Another Sandbag Mile is in the books!

One of the most brutal and unconventional training tools is the sandbag. It requires stability and brute strength unlike any other training tool. Needless to say, we get plenty of use out of ‘em here at Forged.

Each year right around Independence Day, gyms all over the country partake in the Sandbag Mile. The rules are simple. Find a bag, fill it with a lot of sand, throw it on your shoulder and walk a mile.

When we do the sandbag mile we add the rule that you have to do 5 burpees each time the sandbag is dropped, just to add a little incentive to push through some discomfort.

When we do events like the Sandbag Mile or Murph, it becomes a whole lot more than just a workout. These events are meant to honor and remember the heroes who have given their lives so that we may be free. NOTHING we do in the gym will ever come anywhere close to what soldiers endure on the battlefield, but we do these memorial workouts to remember their sacrifices and put ourselves through a little bit of pain while doing so.

These events always highlight how freakin’ awesome the Forged community is. This workout HURTS. I guarantee every single person participating wanted to quit at some point during the march, but no one did. Just finishing this workout takes some serious guts and determination. We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out and suffered!

Sandbag Mile

As always, an even bigger thank you goes out to all current and former military members. We could never express our gratitude for your sacrifices enough!

Since we’re on the topic of sandbags, I wanted to share one of my favorite sandbag throwdowns from recent memory. This was a Brute Force challenge from a few months ago:

EMOTM x 6 minutes:
Sandbag Clean and Press x 3
Burpee Over Sandbag x R.A.T.

With this setup you hit three clean and presses at the top of the minute, then hit as many burpees as you can until the top of the next minute. Your score is your total burpees completed.

It looks simple, but my lungs burned for a week after this one!