Forged Feature: Laurie Joslin

We owe a HUGE congrats to our very own Laurie Joslin!

Not only has she been straight up killin’ it in the gym; she won our 28-Day Shred Challenge a couple months back, AND just this past week she WON a big check in Nutrishop’s “Omaha Challenge”. This is a 3-month long weight loss challenge with over ONE THOUSAND participants. There were only two winners.

Laurie Check

This is an ENORMOUS accomplishment and we couldn’t be more proud!

We asked Laurie a few questions to get more insight into her lifestyle transformation.

What got you started on your health and fitness journey?

I didn’t even know I had let myself go but after standing in my closet looking for something to wear for a funeral gathering, nothing fit –I was crying and feeling disgusted!! My head was in a place of total shame!! That’s when I decided I had to do something!!

How did you decide to begin training at Forged?

I came across you guys on FB and seriously thought to myself I just needed to be accountable to something – I felt comfortable with you on the very 1st call –after I said – “I would basically be coming from couch to gym ” then you mentioning “everyone just has to start somewhere” so that put me at ease!

What were your initial thoughts when you first walked into Forged?

Alright here we go!

Were you intimidated?

Yes before getting through the first workout, and then no — kinda just put the blinders on. The girls in the gym were cheering each other on and I had hope that one day someone would do that for me– earning the respect from pushing yourself and finishing.

What does training mean to you besides all of the benefits of being leaner, stronger, and more athletic?

Someone having your back–sharing the struggle–pushing you beyond the point of no turning back–community- social acceptance of you at your worst and best.

What changes have you noticed since starting at Forged?

My mood has changed so much. I feel amazing and my family sees it – sure I could say the scale is down or that I’m stronger, which are both true — but being happy is the best change I have noticed! My girls cook with me and see me struggle and they are stronger because of it!! I tell them to be humble but don’t let others decide how your day will be– you are God’s gift to this world, you are amazing, beautiful and going places because you write your own story!!

What do you do to stay so consistent with the gym and your training?

My husband works so hard every day so that I have the opportunity to raise my kids and I’m so blessed to have him do that for me– if he can work the hours he puts in for me then I have no excuse — I also have been raised to not procrastinate to not say that I never did it — it just always kicks harder back at you!!

The to do’s: set alarm – have workout clothes ready to go.

What gets you PSYCHED up the most?

The team atmosphere and knowing that I did everything in my power to get things done and not letting anyone down— team means everything to me. When you asked me to fill this out I first thought about all the other girls in the morning I workout with – they are currently working out more than I have been, going through things, and still showing up– these women are ALL deserving of this!! I am blessed and honored to do this but everyone put together makes this gym work and that psyches me up!!

What drives you and gets you going?

I know I could sit at home, but being accountable, that’s where you show your true colors — you vs you. The coaches take the time to be there for you—you just need to show up!! You yourself can only go so far.  You can go much further with an army.

Up till now, what has your FAVORITE, most memorable moment been inside the gym?

Everyone having your back, even if they don’t know you!!

For the “speed round” of questions…

Favorite movie character and why?

My first thought is that I am a sucker for Disney movies–like “Monsters, Inc.”, but I have to say “Rudy”. He is such a fighter despite everything he went through and is just relatable.

Favorite song that you’d want blaring on the speakers to help you hit a 1RM?

TUPAC– “One Day at a Time”.

What’s your FAVORITE cheat meal?

A bottle of wine or margaritas, cheesecake, and nachos.

Your FAVORITE movement in the gym is?

Sled and Stones.

Your LEAST favorite movement in the gym?

Snatches – ask Danielle about me hitting myself in the head…lol!

FINALLY… If there was one piece of advice you could give someone else for more success whether that be in the gym, in life, business, whatever, what would that be?

The most unbelievable event happened when my daughter of 13 yrs. old put her arm around me in church, holding me with such respect, and quietly whispering in my ear how proud she was of me sticking through and giving everything to myself because “mom you deserve it”!!!! My husband has been so amazing through this process – which, in turn, he has been starting to work out! In the beginning he never put me down and loved me unconditionally. BUT the way he looks at me now – it’s different!! Wow that feels so so good to see that in his eyes–almost like a proud look but “man you look good” kinda look …haha!!!! It brings me back to the day I married him- what an experience this has been!!! We have been through a lot in the past 12 years with losing our 5yr old, a baby at 20 weeks, 4 additional miscarriages, then having my last baby 6 weeks early (she was is the NICU for 10 days and I ran 104 temp for a month because of an infection) — these events shook our family to the core over and over but what I realize is that pushing through is what makes you strong!!! What I am trying to say is that no matter what the obstacle you face you must decide!! Not about winning or losing but CHOOSING!!!

Laurie’s story is nothing short of incredible!