The Importance of Rules and “JUST WAKE UP!”

Coach Andy here.

Travis dropped some knowledge on us a couple weeks ago at the nutrition workshop. He brought up a ton of great points and passed along some awesome nutrition info. One thing really stuck out to me and I had to write about it for this week’s Tuesday blog post: the importance of having RULES.

 Self-Discipline and Will Power  VS. A Personal Belief System.

We can do a Mentality Monday post on a Tuesday, right?

One of the examples he brought up was about Vegans. Vegans have a personal rule and guiding principle that says they will never eat meat. Therefore it is extremely easy for them to pass up a steak at dinner. It isn’t even an option for them. This is because they set a personal rule, which became a habit, and now that habit is second nature.

I am NOT saying you should be Vegan. Meat is way too tasty and I would not want to deprive anyone of that joy.

Rules and habits are incredibly important, especially for people who train the way we do here at Forged. It’s pretty easy to tell when people are only running on “motivation” to train.

Why is it easy to tell?

Because they run out of motivation quick and we never see them again.

You HAVE to have RULES.

To be completely honest, I probably walk into 40-50% of my training sessions feeling “unmotivated” to train.  If I relied on motivation to get my training in, I would train almost never. A long time ago I had to set a rule that I was going to train hard a bare minimum of 5 days per week, no excuses. In the beginning there were a lot of days where I wanted to drive right past the gym and go drown out my lack of motivation with some Culver’s, but now missing a training session doesn’t even cross my mind. I know that I need to get to the gym and once I’m 2 or 3 sets in I’ll start to feel motivated.


I wanted to talk about “Just Waking Up” and how having rules has worked for me in this part of my life. We have people training in the gym at 5:30 a.m. 5 days per week, so waking up is a relevant topic. A lot of these guys and gals have been training with us for a long time and have already set rules (consciously or not) about waking up, otherwise they wouldn’t still be around.

AM Sprinters

Adjusting to waking up as early as I have to every day was tough at first. I tried giving myself pump up speeches when the alarm would go off. I tried jumping straight into a cold shower after I got out of bed. These things worked, but they required enormous motivation and I knew they weren’t sustainable long-term.

It clicked when Travis was talking about rules during the nutrition workshop.

I went home and wrote down my new rule, “I will wake up earlier than I need to every day.” Writing things down is important, by the way (free advice). Since that day I’ve started waking up at 4 a.m. every week day, and 6 a.m. on the weekends. I’m only a week and a half in, but waking up is way easier than ever and my energy is sky high all day long. It’s a night and day difference. All because I have a rule and I don’t have to start off every day with an uphill battle for positivity. When you wake up at the last possible second, you start your day on a bad foot; stressed and having all sorts of negative thoughts.

This example may sound kinda trivial, but imagine the change you could see in your life and your training results if you applied rules to things that are important.

The Aggressive Strength Creed we have at the gym gives some great rules for training.

Agg Strength Creed

Take some time this week to write down a solid 10 rules to apply to your life in and out of the gym. It’ll be well worth your time.

And if you train in the mornings, JUST WAKE UP!