Forged Feature: Loycee O’D

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.12.08 AMThere’s been so much crazy awesome stuff happening at the gym lately, we decided we had to make a

whole blog category for it: “The Forged Feats”.

The energy in the gym lately has been nuts.

PR’s are being smashed (the PR horn would be blaring like crazy if someone hadn’t busted it), BAMF’s are being forged, and everyone is getting strong as sh*t.

It fires us up just thinking about it.


This week’s Forged Feat has to go to our girl Loycee.

Loycee is a straight up go getter.

She’s been training at Forged for a good while now and just recently entered our monthly Shred Challenge.

Let us just say this girl is dedicated.

She was getting out of bed bright and early to train at 6:15 am, and then she’d be back at the gym for a PM session later that evening for the whole month of April.

Like we said, dedicated.

All this dedication paid off and she ended up WINNING the April Shred Challenge, and the paid stay in Vegas that comes along with it!

Check these results out after just 28 days…


AWESOME freaking work, Loycee!

BUT that’s not the only feat of her’s this past month…

She had some awesome aesthetic results, and knocked off some big performance goals as well.

She knocked out her first rope climb and her first handstand push up all during the 28 Day Challenge.

And it’s NOT not just Loycee who’s been seeing these kinds of results either…

Everyone who puts in the work, doesn’t make excuses, and buys into the process is seeing huge progress as well.

It’s like we’ve been a BAMF factory lately.

Look it up.

As coaches, we’re LOVING this.

The H.A.M.-ness continues…