Team H.A.M. FINAL Recap

The winner has been crowned for the 2016 Team H.A.M. Open Series…

Buck Furpees took home the trophy AND they get a spot on a sweet new banner in the gym.


We set this challenge up so that participants could earn points for their teams in way more ways than just completing the workouts. Team members had to really hammer their health and fitness from all angles for this one. We had challenges for attendance, lifestyle, fitness, recovery, nutrition, and of course the workouts themselves.

Everyone did an awesome job and we hope everyone who participated took something valuable away from this challenge.

Being fit isn’t just about what you get done inside the gym; it’s about creating a LIFESTYLE that supports high levels of fitness.

Now, about that awards ceremony this past Friday…

That was freaking FUN!

Everyone fell for the April Fool’s workout too… right??

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 9.44.43 AM

I thought we played it off pretty well… 😉

After a nasty partner workout we presented the winning team and a few others with some sweet prizes. All the members of team Buck Furpees took home some SWEET prize packages hooked up by WODFitters and Athletic Greens and some nice gift cards from our split-the-pot raffles.

We also had a couple other awards to hand out.

Mike J. was voted the “H.A.M.mer of the Open” and was awarded the SISU war hammer.mikey

We couldn’t have found a moreappropriate trophy for Mike. Sisu is a Finnish word that is translated as “stubborn determination”. Mike exemplified this throughout the entire Open. He gritted through every movement in the Open workout as prescribed, with the exception of bar muscle-ups. Some of these movements, and the weights prescribed may have been well out of his comfort zone, but he forged ahead and got that sh*t done! Nice freakin’ work, Mike!

We also gave out an “All-Heart Award” to Lisa W. Lisa made some HUGE strides both inside and outside of the gym during the course of this challenge.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.12.17 PMShe started in our Shred program only a few months before the Open Series started, but that didn’t stop her from putting her hat in the ring and givin’ it a go! Several of the movements were movements that Lisa had never done before. She spent a few minutes working with our coaches before the workout, jumped in, and kicked some ass! Your performances inspired a LOT of people, Lisa! Keep up the great work!

We wish we could have given SISU war hammers to EVERY single participant in this challenge. There wasn’t one person who didn’t push themselves to a new level and attack these workouts head-on. The Friday Night Lights atmosphere, combined with the support and energy of the Forged Fam made this event truly special and something we’ll always remember.

We are incredibly proud of every single one of our athletes. You guys get us excited to get up and coach you every day. There isn’t a greater group of human beings on the planet!

As always, we’ve got to give props to our sponsors. These guys went above and beyond to make this event something special. Another BIG thank you goes out to WODFitters, Steskal Chiropractic, Brute Force, Eat Fit Go, Forever Fierce, Fit Aid, and Athletic Greens for everything you guys did for us. These companies are doing big things and we can’t speak highly enough about them!

We’re gonna miss the Friday night competitions, but we’ve got some big things planned over the next few months. Now it’s time to focus on getting STRONG as sh*t.

Keep kickin’ ass and goin’ 110% H.A.M. Forged Freaks.

We’ll see ya in the gym!

Next Up…

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