Warrior of the Week: Jamie “Schneck”

jamiewarriorSo, there’s this guy that keeps showing up to the gym.

He’s always on time.

Actually, he show’s up early and he usually stays a bit late.

He comes in and get sh*t done.

All of us coaches at Forged RESPECT this guy and he’s none other than Jamie “Schneck” Schneckenberger.

Jamie is this week’s WARRIOR of the WEEK at the Forged Athlete and just like the warrior’s before him, he’s EARNED IT.

We caught up with Jamie to get inside his head on a few things so check it out

Jamie, I’m sure you’ve seen the many different “bench ad’s” around town that are on the corner of busy intersections.  If you could put anything you’d want on a bench ad, what would it say and WHY?

Don’t let hard work and fear stand in the way of what YOU want to accomplish TODAY!

It is way too easy to take the “Road Less Traveled” because of fear or lack of desire.  A little hard work and determination can go a long way.

What have you loved about The Forged Athlete gym thus far?

The people!  Everyone works their butt off while also encouraging others to do the same.  Such a positive environment for progress and improvement.  I love starting my day at The Forged.  Gets me ready to take on whatever comes my way.

What do you do to stay so consistent with the gym and your training?  You NEVER miss 😉

I am addicted to training.  I absolutely love it.   Some people make every excuse imaginable not to go to the gym.  I make every effort possible not to miss the gym.  It has become my healthiest habit! This is Especially the case since training at The Forged. 

What does training mean to you besides all of the benefits of building a strong and lean physique?  What does it mean to you overall? 

For me it is an opportunity to learn something new and get better each session. I am starting to look forward to the challenge of attempting new things without being afraid to fail.  I love the entire process of setting goals and pushing myself to accomplish them.  The physical benefits are reward for the hard work!

You’ve made some awesome gains in Forged just within the last few months, can you share with us some of the success you’ve experienced?

I can think of a bunch but a couple big ones come to mind.  First is my front squat. First time I attempted I really struggled.  I could barely complete the lift at a light weight because I couldn’t hold the bar in the rack position.  Travis showed me some band mobility and stretching to help with this.  I performed these every day and worked on front squats with just the bar.  This has paid dividends as I am now able to complete the lift with decent form!  Most of this is from increased mobility and flexibility, both of which I lacked when I joined Forged.  I have worked really hard to improve mobility in my shoulders, hips and ankles.  This has helped immensely in all that we do at Forged.

Everyone’s 1st day inside Forged is a bit “interesting”…  Can you share with what you remember from your first session in Forged?

I remember being a bit nervous about not knowing what to expect.  The session was definitely tough and I struggled through a lot of the exercises.  I was exhausted afterward but really liked the challenge.  I had not pushed myself that hard in a long time and it felt good.  From that day on I knew I was going to love it at Forged!

Thinking about YOUR “Big Picture”,  what are your overall goals that you want to achieve.

For me it is about being able to perform all of the things I am learning properly and with good form.  I want to get better each time  I train.  Quality over quantity is my mindset.   Weight and PR’s will come after I have perfected the technique.  My physical goals are simple.  Lose body fat and increase muscle.  I have had success with this so far.  Definitely more success ahead!

What gets you PSYCHED up the most?  What drives you and gets you motivated to kick ass!

I don’t know if I can pin it on any one thing specifically.  I just love the people and the process at Forged.  The positive competition environment gets me amped up and excited to train.  It is a gym like no other.  Definitely not meant for everybody and that is one of the main reasons I love it so much!

Up till now, what has your FAVORITE most memorable moment been inside the gym thus far?

That is tough.  Probably the first time I got my timing down correctly on power cleans.  Another lift I really struggle with.  I don’t use my hips near enough.  Slowly getting it.  We did touch and go’s not too long ago and I got into a rhythm with the timing.  Felt good!

Here’s the “Speed Round” for you… 

Favorite Movie Character and Why?rocky

Rocky Balboa.  Love everything about him and what he stands for.  Such a great story!

Favorite song would you want to be blaring on the stereo to help you hit a NEW 1RM?

Crawl by Kings of Leon

Whats you FAVORITE cheat meal?

Mexican, for sure…

Your FAVORITE movement in the gym is?

Walking in on Friday morning.  Finish Strong Friday and kick off the weekend right!

Your LEAST favorite movement in the gym?

Rope climbs.  Have not perfected leg climbs yet and leg less are a bitch!

LAST ONE…  If there was one piece of advice you could give someone else for more success whether that be in the gym, in life, business, whatever, what would that be?

Like I said In the beginning; Don’t let hard work and fear stand in the way of what YOU want to accomplish TODAY!  Life is too short.  Seize the moment!  Peace out….