Forged Warrior Of The Week

It’s that time of the week again…
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A NEW Forged Warrior has been crowned.
This week Andy “A-Dub” Wolfe has been chosen to wield the Forged Warrior Sword of BADASS-ism.
He’s not only earned this once, but now twice.
We caught up with Andy to find out more about him and his special times within Forged.
Check it out…
Andy, if you were to have a billboard put up that could say anything, what would it say and why?
I’ve always been a big John Wayne fan, and my favorite quote of his is, “Life is tough; it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” I think that would go well on a billboard. People need to be reminded of that.
What have you loved about Forged thus far?
I have to say that the community is my favorite part of Forged. Everyone here holds me accountable. There are plenty of days that I don’t feel like pushing myself, but knowing other people around me are giving it 110% makes me push until I feel like I’m going to die each day. 
What do you do to stay so consistent with the gym and your training?
I love training and I love competing at the gym. I’m not a pleasant person if I don’t get some form of training in each day. I think it’s a low-grade addiction, sort of like coffee, and that’s what keeps me consistent. I missed a day of training at Forged about a month ago because of a crazy schedule and I had all sorts of people asking me if I was okay. Again, there’s the community holding each other accountable.
What does training mean to you besides all of the visual benefits of looking more lean and athletic?  What does it mean to YOU to be STRONGER, healthier, and fitter, ect?
There isn’t one aspect of life that having a little extra strength doesn’t enhance. One thing I think about often is all the ancillary benefits that come with the type of training we do at Forged. How could pushing your body to it’s limits four or more times per week at the gym not translate into greater perseverance in other parts of your life? Being healthier and stronger allows us to get as much out of life as we possibly can.
You’ve made some BIG strides inside Forged since you first began a long time back, can you share with usScreen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.22.50 PM some of the success you’ve experienced?
Oh man, I feel like I could write a book on this. When I started at Forged almost two years ago, I was about 230 lbs and completely out of shape. I could do 1 pull up, 0 muscle-ups, didn’t know what a snatch was, and felt like my heart was going to burst after 20 burpees.
Now I can string together over 20 strict pull-ups, 11 unbroken muscle-ups, recently snatched 215 lbs (225 is coming this month), and can do 60 burpees in under two and a half minutes. The biggest difference is the 50 lbs. of body weight I dropped since starting at Forged.
Everyone’s 1st day inside Forged is a bit “interesting”…  Can you share with us YOUR experience from your first day within Forged?  I know I can remember it a bit 😉
Before starting at Forged, I “worked out” at Lifetime Fitness. Talk about opposites. My buddy Mike started at Forged in September of 2013 and spent the next three months calling me fat and telling me I needed to check his gym out. I eventually acquiesced to his wishes and checked it out. When I first walked in, I was extremely intimidated and wanted to turn around and leave. I went through a baseline workout very, very, very slowly. After the workout, I had to pull over on Interstate 680 and vomit on the side of the road. After that I was hooked.
Travis made me do the baseline workouts for three months, and now that I’m reflecting back on it I believe it’s because he could see how much I hated not being able to get under a barbell and wanted to watch me suffer. Looking back, I’m grateful that I spent that much time getting a solid baseline level of conditioning; it’s helped a ton in the long-run.
Thinking about YOUR “Big Picture”,  what are your overall goals that you want to achieve.
My number one goal is to be able to train and live a healthy lifestyle until I have to resign to the nursing home. Then I’ll have to start doing “Sit and be Fit”. Look it up. 
Another goal that I want to be able to achieve in the next few years is to deadlift 535 lbs, drop the bar and take off on a mile run and complete that in under 5 minute and 35 seconds. I don’t know why I chose those numbers, but it would be pretty cool to be that strong and fast at the same time.
I also really want to compete in a formal fitness competition someday. It doesn’t have to be regionals or anything big like that, but I love competing and always want competition to be a part of my life. Plus, it’s great for keeping you focused.
What gets you PSYCHED up the most?  What drives you and gets you going?
That’s a good question. I get the most fired up about seeing PR’s. Any day that I beat a PR is a great day for me.
Up till now, what has your FAVORITE most memorable moment been inside the gym thus far?
I have to say the St. Patrick’s Day workout from this last year was the most memorable. People probably know why that is.
Some quick hitters for you…
Favorite Movie Character and Why?
My favorite movie character is Hondo Lane from the movie “Hondo”, played by John Wayne. This video is why he is my favorite movie character: Learning to swim from John Wayne!
Favorite song that you’d want on to help you hit a 1RM?
This might sound crazy, but I’m one of those freaks who doesn’t want music in my ears when I’m maxing out. I zone out pretty hard and usually have no idea what’s going on in my surroundings.
What’s your FAVORITE cheat meal?
Anything covered in tons of cheese. I love cheese. I’m gonna call it a tie between pizza and nachos. I’m not above putting down an entire large pizza by myself as a cheat meal.
Your FAVORITE movement in the gym is?andy snatch

My favorite movement is definitely the snatch. I think it’s the hardest to master and I love that about it. You constantly have to work technique, strength, and flexibility in order to make even small improvements with it. I still have a LONG way to go in all those categories.
Your LEAST favorite movement in the gym is?
I can’t stand bodyweight squats or double-kettlebell/dumbbell thrusters. Every time I see them in a workout I want to leave the gym and go bury my sorrows in ice cream. 
FINALLY…  If there was one piece of advice you could give someone else for more success whether that be in the gym, in life, business, whatever, what would that be?
I hear the phrase, “embrace the process” a lot and it really resonates with me. You have to have a long-term vision for everything, or else the work you’re putting in right now seems meaningless. Every day that you get .1% stronger, .1% smarter, or learn one new skill at work, you’re chipping away at a bigger goal and increasing your human capital and quality of life. That being said, I refuse to embrace double-kettlebell thrusters. Ever.