Are YOU a Duck or an Eagle?

Question: Are you a duck or an eagle when it comes to
training, fitness, and working out?
Ducks walk around complaining….waah waah waah.

They never soar or get off the ground. 

They typically stay in the same duck pond and walk around
and swim in their own crap (seriously, it’s true!).
They also attract others ducks to help them make excuses
about how they have no time to workout, can’t afford to eat
healthy (it’s really not that expensive), have bad genes, or
simply just say that nothing they do ever works…

….waaah waaah waaah. 

Oh and it’s not their fault, everyone else is to blame from
the overcrowded gyms, government, to even their friends.
EAGLES…on the other hand take care of themselves.

They do what needs to be done and never make excuses.

They sore high in the sky and hunt for their prey while they
protect their families.
In the gym Eagles, study other Eagles and get the heck
as far away from the ducks as they can. 

They know that their health and overall fitness is in their
own hands and if others have done it, they can do it too.

If you’re not an EAGLE, I’d say it’s time to Get Away from

You’ve just got to be willing to make the change.

Let us help YOU make this transformation happen!

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