Nasty Intervals

Daily Battle Plan – 7/5/13

NASTY Intervals x 3 Rounds – 40 secs WORK / 20 secs REST

  • Wall Ball
  • 1 Arm KB Snatch R or L
  • Sandstone Shouldering – Alternate Shoulders Each Rep
  • 1 Arm KB Snatch R or L

THEN – After 3rd Rounds

  • 2 Min AMRAP of BURPEES

SCORE = Total Reps Completed

The focus on these INTERVALS is to go “ALL OUT” within the 40 secs work period and try as best as possible to sustain your pace with reps each round.

It gets TOUGH in the 2nd and 3rd Rounds.

For the BURPEES, you just gotta “empty the tank” and Go 110% H.A.M.