Sprinting for Speed, Power,and Athleticism – Part 2

What’s up!

So in part one I broke down exactly why sprinting is something you must have apart of your training program in order to be faster, more power, strong, and athletic.

There’s no other way around it!  Humans were made to run!

Think about it.  In the caveman days if you couldn’t run, you were dinner for a dinosaur or saber tooth.  I bet cavemen were fast as hell!

It was all about SURVIVAL.  Today, not so much.

Now in the athletic world, if you want to be at the top of the crop, you’ve got to sprint!

You already know this is you read PART 1.

So lets talk about different ways you can add sprinting into your training program.

I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking,

“I don’t need to sprint, all I need to do is lift hard and I’ll get the gains I want….”

You’re dead wrong bruddah or sista…  You need to add sprints in where they fit in!  I show you how.

So here’s 5 ways you can add sprints into your program:

1)      Add sprint into your warm up.  On days I’m crunched for time, I’ll always add in 3-5  sprints at the end of my warm up.  This is especially good on lower body days because it get you loosened up and ready to roll as well as lights up your nervous system so you’ll actually lift heavier weight!  If you add sprints into your warm up, just go 20-40 yards tops no more.  You’re warming up not trying to fatigue your body.

2)      Throw sprints right into your workout.  You ever hear about doing some front squats then immediately dropping the bar and hitting a 50-100m sprint??  Well it works!  Especially if you’re trying to build power and strength!  Try it sometime!  Or you could simply hit some heavy squats and then do sprints in the middle of your workout to get em in.  Either way works.

3)      Throw sprints in at the end of your workout.  This is probably the simplest way but the toughest.  It’s the toughest because most people, if you’re like me, are freaking beat after they train and don’t even want to think about doing sprints after a workout.  Give it a try sometime.  I recommend doing this after a upper body day for the most part.  ALSO – if you’re training to get faster, I always recommend doing sprint BEFORE your workout so you make sure you’re training full speed.  More on this coming in Part 3.

4)      Sprint separately from your workouts.  I had to do this in college because our college workouts were so damn long you couldn’t get sprints in otherwise the workouts would be 3 hours long!  What I used to do was give myself 4-5 hours rest from my training workout and do sprints.  Usually I would run early in the morning most of the time when I was super fresh but sometimes it was fun hit it up at night.  You can choose what’s best for you.

5)      Sprint on your off days.  This last tactic is for athletes and people that are truly training to increase speed and power.  Training on your off day with sprints lets you be 110% focused on just sprinting.  Instead of worrying about your training session or being a little fatigued from your training session, you can just zero in on running fast.  This is a great tactic and works amazing IF you have the time.  I know most people don’t have the extra time but if you do, I would recommend trying to throw sprints in on your off days.  Sprinting can serve as a good recovery workout sometimes as well after a heavy legs day.

Well, there you have it!  5 ways you can throw sprinting into your program.  Now you have little to no excuses unless you’re just going to puss out on doing them.  Then it doesn’t matter, you are just a pussy…

In part 3, I will get into the details about all the different type of sprint workouts there are for you to do.

There’s different ways to implement sprinting into your program for different reasons.

For example, if you’re trying to get faster and going for pure speed, there’s a specific way to train with sprints just like there’s a specific way to train using sprints for fat loss.

So be ready for part 3 coming soon!

In the meantime, get out there and run your ass off!  You’re survival may depend on it…

Get Forged Strong!


PS – Keep the comments coming people!    I want to know what YOU want so WE can help you!