Power Bodybuilding

When I look back at some of the old school body builders, I just stare in amazement by some of their physiques.  Times have definitely changed since the old school body building days of Arnold, Frank Zane, Steve Reeves, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, and the likes ruled the body building arena.  I feel that these bodybuilders had more of an athletic look to them than the monsters of today look.


What I loved about those guys were not only were they old school, but they trained with power!  Some of the body builders of today train with power, but back then it was all about volume and power, not just tons of  volume alone.

Obviously at The Forged Athlete we are ALL ABOUT POWER.  Bodybuilding is a different essence in that in order to get freakishly huge, you need to have both power and volume.  Strength plays a rule as well but not as much.  I have met some bodybuilders with girl like grips and weak ass lifts in the bench, deadlift, and squat but yet were huge as heck! They were all about the volume but had no strength.

In athletics, its about power, speed, and strength.  In this post I’m all about talking about getting huge using power and strength.

th_6b9_974032383You want to talk about getting big and strong, you need to focus on pushing and pulling big heavy weights around.  The best ways to do this is through deadlifts, power presses, snatches, jerks, cleans, and heavy squats.  All of these with barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.

What I hate about a lot of the new school body builders is they focus on all the “aesthetic” lifts like machine presses and pulls, lots of curls, tricep kick backs, and leg presses and extensions.    While these lifts will get you bigger, they take all of your athletic qualities away.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Machines do you NO good.  Leg extensions and leg curls, they may do some good to add some size on your twigs, but stick to your athletic power movements for building size in your legs.  To tell you the truth, my legs have never been bigger since I’ve started pushing and pulling heavy sleds around, doing heavy rep dead and 1’s and 2’s on cleans.  It feels great and I keep my athletic abilities while adding some good mass as well.


Now, the beauty of using power lifts for size, you get to move a lot of weight around!  I’ve read about Franco Columbo deadlifting 800lbs for reps and reading about him cleaning 300 lbs easily.

Power exercises are all about using your whole body to generate force to move heavy weights.   You should always go for sets of around 3-5 for power.  If you’re getting more than 5 reps, your weight may be too low, crank it up!  To get the volume you need for size, go for anywhere from 5 sets to even 10 if your feeling crazy!  Sometimes we do sets for time.  An example would be to do your 3RM of power cleans for 1 rep every 30 secs for 15 mins with no break.  It sounds easy, try it and get back at me about it.

So, make sure to throw some power exercises in your routine if you haven’t already started.  You should have been doing this already, but if not – get your ass going NOW!

Stay Forged Strong